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  1. j_bby New Member

    Australia English
    how do u translate the statement:

    Good luck for your exam. I am sure that you will do great. Love always from

    thanx. xOxOx.

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  2. Mycall Senior Member

    Northern France
    France French
    "Bonne chance pour ton examen. Je suis sûr que tu vas faire des merveilles. Grosses bises".

    or more colloquial: "Cinq lettres pour ton exam. Je suis sûr(e) que tu vas réussir haut la main (que tu l'auras les doigts dans le nez:D ). Gros bisous partout:cool:
  3. pheelineerie

    pheelineerie Senior Member

    Lawrence, Kansas, USA
    American English
    Are you trying to say it in French? If so,
    "Merde (pour ton examen)!"
    "Bon courage" or "Bonne chance"
  4. Nash4u

    Nash4u Senior Member

    English, India
    I was told by my professor that Merde is an offensive term, like in, c'est de la merde. How is it that it's used to wish someone good luck?
  5. carolineR

    carolineR Senior Member

    Indian Ocean
    In France, it is supposed to be unlucky to wish someone "bonne chance". That's probably why we went to the other extreme ? :)

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