1. nickieblueyes New Member

    How do you say Good morning sexy?
  2. Artrella Banned


    Buen día, sexy!!

    Is this what you need???

    Art :confused: :)
  3. supercrom Banned

    Cercado de Lima, Lima, Perú
    Homo peruvianus, practising AE n' learning BE
    Maybe it should be: Good mornig, sexy.

    Actually the easier translation could be Buenos días (o Buen día, depending upon the Spanish your are speaking), sexy.

    Sexy is just the same in Spanish and refers both man and woman. Since there's no equivalent in Spanish for that word we need to use it, maybe there is but we have forgotten.

    I hope it helps.
  4. nickieblueyes New Member

    what about Good morning beautiful? (to a guy)
  5. Zephyrus Senior Member

    Peru - Spanish
    In that case, you could say Buenos dias, guapo ;)
  6. el_novato

    el_novato Senior Member

    Buenos días, sexy.
  7. Edwin

    Edwin Senior Member

    Tampa, Florida, USA
    USA / Native Language: English

    Nickieblueyes, you are looking for trouble, aren't you? :)
  8. jcrocks Member

    French - Paris
    Hi guys

    how would you translate "sexy" but for a FILM not for a person?


  9. pheeps Senior Member

    How is a sexy film??

    With light sex scenes? Película erótica
  10. Pedro P. Calvo Morcillo

    Pedro P. Calvo Morcillo Senior Member

    España, español.
    Yo diría: ¡buenos días chico/a sexy! Pero actualmente, al menos en España, sexy sólo se emplea como adjetivo:

    sexy.(Voz ingl.).
    1. adj. Que tiene atractivo físico y sexual. Es muy sexy.
    2. m. Atractivo físico y sexual. Tiene sexy.

    Real Academia Española © Todos los derechos reservados

    Como sustantivo ya veis que sustituye a la cualidad abstracta, no a la persona... Y para una película, no sé... una peli sexy me suena raro... ¿quizá te refieres a una película erótica?
  11. jcrocks Member

    French - Paris
    No, it's not "erotica"

    It's like "sexy /appealing"

    It's like how you can have "a sexy advert for a car" in English

    Nothing to do with sex!!
  12. pheeps Senior Member

    I don't know, maybe if you say several sexy movies' tittles, we will understand u.
  13. jcrocks Member

    French - Paris
    Like Casanova, Basic Instinct or Showgirls
  14. pheeps Senior Member

    I have no idea, I hope someone answers you.
  15. Pedro P. Calvo Morcillo

    Pedro P. Calvo Morcillo Senior Member

    España, español.
    In Spain we say:

    "Instinto Básico es una película con escenas subiditas de tono".
    "Instinto Básico es una película con escenas fuertes (de cama/sexo)".

    The fact is all we know it is not porn so "escenas fuertes" in this context means almost explicit scenes. If you are thinking about something softer we don't say sexy, it is reserved for "atractivo físico y sexual". Las chicas de Showgirls son sexys y Sharon Stone en Basic Instinct también. Las películas tienen escenas calientes, sugerentes, eróticas, subidas de tono, fuertes... no sé.
  16. swift_precision Senior Member

    A film being "sexy" must be a Bristish thing because here in the US you'll never hear someone say "that film was sexy". Como dijo Pedro, el término (en inglés también) se reserva sólo para ser humanos y no para cosas materiales.
  17. Kräuter_Fee

    Kräuter_Fee Senior Member

    Portuguese&Spanish (native)/ (English&German - foreign)
    "Good morning, sexy" is something that people say in English, however nobody says "Buenos días, sexy" en español.
    Sexy es un adjetivo, pero no sirve para llamar a alguien, puedes decir "es una chica muy sexy", pero no puedes llamarla sexy "oye sexy!", no suena bien.

    Yo lo traduciría por "buenos días, preciosa" si es para chica o "buenos días, guapísimo" si es para chico. También puedes decir guapa/o pero sexy es más fuerte que guapo/o, por eso mejor preciosa/guapísimo (precioso no).
  18. Weaton Senior Member

    Buenos Aires, Argentina
    Argentina - Español
    Volviendo a lo de "sexy movie" ...
    ¿Podria ser que se refiera a algo "sugestivo"?
  19. Eugin

    Eugin Senior Member

    Buenos Aires
    Argentina (Spanish)
    no será "sugerente", mejor??? ;)

    con respecto a películas sexies... podría ser quizás: "películas con escenas eróticas"... me parece....

  20. Weaton Senior Member

    Buenos Aires, Argentina
    Argentina - Español
    Si! "Suegerente" quería decir..
    Gracias Eugin...

    Tanto pensar "a que se estara refiriendo" ???
    Termine mezclando ...
  21. maggs573 Member

    New York, NY
    English, USA
    "sexy" is used in the U.S., as well as England, to refer to something appealing/interesting without any sexual connotation at all (although it's not an extremely common word used in every day conversation).

    It's usually in reference to movies, I think, but one good example I've heard is in reference to a US army recruiting brochure. The brochure contained pictures of successful, happy-looking, attractive 20-yr-olds who were portrayed as having "cool" jobs, so as to appeal to soon-to-be high school graduates that may be considering joining the military.

    On that note, I have no idea what the Spanish translation would be...sorry!
  22. swift_precision Senior Member

    But how in hell is a movie sexy? Makes absolutely no sense at all. If a movie is good you just say it's a good movie. And what did the Army brochure say? that "the jobs you'll find in the US Army will help you fullfill your destiny, carry you on to levels you never thought possible, and above all, you'll have a most sastifying 'sexy' career"???
  23. maggs573 Member

    New York, NY
    English, USA
    It makes sense because it's a word in the English language. I didn't make it up, I'm just saying what I know. Look it up in the dictionary.
  24. swift_precision Senior Member

    There are many words in the English language that when used in an improper context make absolutely no sense at all--sexy is one of those words. I suppose I should go to this sexy website called www.wordreference.com. Or perhaps I should watch the sexy movies of Scarface or Shawshank Redemption.
  25. maggs573 Member

    New York, NY
    English, USA
    sexy has another meaning aside from its more common one referring to sexual attraction. that's all i'm saying. i'm not really sure why you're arguing that when it's in any english dictionary. it's just a fact.
  26. adremd Senior Member

    "Buenos dias" es un poco formal, no. What about, Hola, guapo/a?

    And, just like when people say, I had an intimate session with the band "Jimmy Eat World" backstage. I cringe when I hear this and sexy used like that, intimate meaning one-on-one, up close and personal conversation etc.
  27. swift_precision Senior Member

    If you're going to use that line of logic then I suppose it would be considered a fact to you. Depending on what dictionary is used, one word could have a different meaning than another; not all definitions given in the dictionary have been "scientifically proven." many are merely arbitrary and are based on different schools of thought. So please do not make such large generalizations such as "it's usually in reference to movies" I mean seriously if you saw a great house or a superb painting would you say "wow that is a sexy house..or a sexy painting? There other more useful adjectives one can use in the dictionary to describe such things; it's just "a fact".
  28. maggs573 Member

    New York, NY
    English, USA
    no, i agree with you..i was just saying what i knew about technical uses of the word. i never use the word "sexy" in that meaning myself, and it's always kind of "alarming" when i hear someone use it that way. and when i said it's usually in reference to movies, i said "i think" afterwards..as in that has been my experience with the word.
  29. maggs573 Member

    New York, NY
    English, USA
    i think the meaning of these forums is to use what we know about language to answer other people's questions. someone was asking about this meaning so i explained in my message that "sexy" has an alternate, non-sexual meaning aside from the meaning we are used to. not that i use it, or that you need to use it, or that it doesn't sound really weird when i hear it...i'm just saying i've heard it used a few times.

    ay yi yi, the word sexy will never sound the same to me again..haha
  30. swift_precision Senior Member

    rofl maggs keep in mind that I'm just the kind of person who likes to debate and I hope I haven't said anything to offend you in any way, shape or form. You are entilted to your opinion just like everyone else and I hope you have not been discourged by me in posting your opinion..hehe

    ¡Que Dios te bendiga!

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