Good morning

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  • In Greek:

    «Καλημέρα» (kali'mera); compound word formed with the joining together of the feminine adjective «καλή» (ka'li-->good) + feminine noun «(η)μέρα» (i'mera [often the eta is omitted]-->day); literally, good day. It's a conventional expression of greeting/farewell used from early in the morning until noon. Then «χαίρετε» ('çerete), is the norm (literally rejoice, be glad); χαίρετε is 2nd person plural imperative of the verb «χαίρω»('çero)-->to be glad, rejoice

    [ç] is a voiceless palatal fricative


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    Persian(sobh bekheir) صبح بخیر

    SicilianBon jornu [bɔŋˈggjɔrnu]
    SindhiSubho bakhair
    TajikCyбҳ ба xaйр. (Subḩ ba xajr)

    YorubaẸ ku aarọ
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