good news = una buena noticia or buenas noticias?

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  1. M. Shelley Senior Member

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    As far as I know, "news" can be translate into Spanish as "noticias", but in fact it's a singular noun. For example:
    - No news is good news.
    - News travels fast.

    My question is: Can "I have good news" be translate as "tengo una buena noticia" or "tengo buenas noticias"? And, if the second one is the correct one, how can I say "tengo una buena noticia"?
  2. LondresBarcelona Member

    Spanish - Spain
    Both are correct :)

    We use both (in Spain, at least), it doesn't matter which.
  3. chamyto

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    Es cierto , es una palabra singular , como tantas otras .
    Lo único que te puedo decir , es que siempre se oye y suele decir " tengo buenas noticias / tengo una buena noticia "

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