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    What word do you use for 'good' if you want to say 'good restaurant'? Can I use 'いい'? eg. 'いい レストラン ですよ!"
    I know you can use 'いい' with '天気' but I'm not sure what else I could use it with...

    Thank you
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    Hi Jaxfrxit

    いい (followed by noun) is often the right substitute for "good", and vice versa. Here is a dictionary entry showing some of the various meanings of いい:良い/. いい レストラン ですよ! is a perfectly normal sentence.
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    Thank you! =D
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    What is the context in which you want to use the phrase? I am not trying to be difficult. We could always use cautions for translating the most quotidian things.

    Apparently not every kind of shops that provide meals is called restaurant in English. Often, the seeming Japanese equivalent レストラン has more limited usage domain. It largely refers to dining places where people eat Western food with silverware while seated in chairs in front of a table. For instance, a Japanese restaurant is rarely called レストラン.

    If you don't want to leave out a few ethnic restaurants, I'd recommend おいしい店, although it exclude good qualities of a restaurant such as the view, the service or the interior, while concentrating on the quality of the food served.

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