1. Arameo_123

    Arameo_123 Member

    El Salvador
    Español, El Salvador
    Exclamation: Good Riddance!, I'd like to know if i say this exclamation i wouldn't sound untiquated. Thanks for your kind help my friends.

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  2. SmallJosie Senior Member

    It doesn't sound antiquated but it is quite formal English.
  3. Bridgita Banned

    Not in my opinion. I have used that phrase quite a few times! (especially with my ex ;) )
  4. Doval

    Doval Senior Member

    New York City, USA
    USA English/British Caribbean
    No. The term is in use currently. By the way: a word might sound "antiquated", but you are more likely to sound "old-fashioned".
  5. Arameo_123

    Arameo_123 Member

    El Salvador
    Español, El Salvador
    i appreciate you all for your kind support, thank you.
  6. BruceChileno Member

    San Francisco, CA
    English, USA
    I also use the phrase "Good Riddance" pretty frequently. It's still very common.
  7. gotitadeleche Senior Member

    Texas, U.S.A.
    U.S.A. English
    The phrase is sometimes extended to say, "Good riddance to bad rubbish."
  8. nmarie33 New Member

    English (U.S.)
    Yes, it's still used a lot, most often to refer to your ex-wife/husband/girlfriend/boyfriend.

    Amiga 1: I just dumped my boyfriend. He was such a jerk.
    Amiga 2: Well, good riddance to bad rubbish!
  9. alacrancita75

    alacrancita75 Senior Member

    Pal otro la'o
    So, what is the Spanish equivalent of this phrase?
  10. Dictom

    Dictom Member

    Hola alacrancita.
    Buscando "riddance" tienes la respuesta.
    Un saludo,

    ['rɪdəns] nombre alivio
    good riddance!, ¡ya era hora! o ¡por fin!

    From the WordReference Supplement © 2006 WordReference.com:

    Compound Forms:
    good riddance!
    excl ¡al fin me lo quité de encima!
    good riddance!
    excl ¡y adiós muy buenas!
    good riddance!
    excl ¡ya era hora!
  11. alacrancita75

    alacrancita75 Senior Member

    Pal otro la'o
    Muchas gracias, Dictom.
  12. agosto Member

    English (UK)
    I´ve also come across these translations but I don´t know how up-to-date they are
    ¡de buena me he librado!
    ¡vete con viento fresco!
    maybe there are some others which express the same idea
  13. El Gabacho Senior Member

    Yo digo a veces

    ¡qué le vaya bien....
    pero bien lejos!
  14. cwalley4746 Member

    US (English)
    How do I say "good riddens" in spanish?
  15. Caliban

    Caliban Senior Member

    Do you mean good riddance?

    good riddance!
    ¡y adiós muy buenas! ¡en buena hora me libré!
  16. darth_lord New Member

    I would say: Hasta nunca!!
  17. KrazyKanuk

    KrazyKanuk Member

    Tarragona, Spain
    French - English
    I'm afraid there are some expressions which do not translate well in certain other languages. In French, "Good Riddance (to bad rubbish)" can be translated directly to "Bon Débarras (le diable s'en va!)." The closest I've seen in this thread involved some form of someone "freeying her/himself of something unpleasant. Directly translated in Castellano I would say, "¡Buen Libramiento! Although, as is the case in every language, there is probably a more suitable manner of phrasing this. :)
  18. loudspeaker Senior Member

    British English
    He was awful. Good riddance to him, I say! (¡Qué se pudra).

    La traducción más coloquial que he encontrado es 'púdrete'.

    Good riddance! ¡ Púdrete!

    (español de España).

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