Good timing


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I've been trying to figure out what the expression "bad timing" means but I just can't. I have read the definitions but still I can't.

a) I was watching a very important documentary on TV last night when Janet asked me to help her with her assignment. That was bad timing for me!

b) I got to the bus stop two minutes after my bus left. I had bad timing!

What's a synonym for "Bad Timing" in "a" and "b"? I get the meaning in "b" but get confused in "a".

Could "a" be "That was an inconvenient for me"?
  • Hildy1

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    No, don't use an article before "bad timing".
    When you phone someone when the person is in the shower, it is
    - bad timing
    - a bad time to call.
    These are separate expressions, and should not be combined.
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