Good to help training

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Xian, a martial art master living in a Bangkok village, accepts Kurt, an American, as a student. He also is staying at Xian's. Now they're having a meal — Xian, his niece Mylee, and Kurt.
Mylee to Kurt: Do you like the food?
Kurt: Excellent.
Xian: My niece has many talents. Good to help training, too. You'll see.
Kurt: I'm sure. I can't wait.
Kickboxer, film

What exactly is good to help training?
Thank you.
  • VicNicSor

    He's not one either:) but still, would you think it means "she's going to be helpful in training"? Or is it about the talents?


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    The author is probably deliberately using faulty English to indicate that Xian's English is less than perfect.
    It is not clear whether she or her talents (and if the latter, which talents) will be helpful in training. It is probably unimportant at this stage. Like he says: You'll see.
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