Good wishes for marriage


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I've heard just now that a young cousins-daughter will get married tomorrow in Chicago.No time to send anything by post, therefore i beg for
help in writing at least a richer e-mail with good wishes for fortune in the future life - as used in the States.I've never written such messages and
don't have fantasy enough, because my tought is "Honest men marry soon, wise men not at all".
  • maxiogee

    Get a friend in Chicago to buy a present and
    drop it off. Real gifts are more memorable than store/gift vouchers, and show a level of thought was active on their behalf at the time of purchase.

    Plan on something they'd never buy for themselves.


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    This is my shot(a quite literally translation), please for corrections!
    "Melissa!Stepping today on a new fair way of your existence, we very regret not to be beside you and your dear family, wishing a plenty of happiness for you and your darling . God bless your union!


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    You're off to a great start! :tick:

    A couple of suggestions:


    As you start down the path to your exciting new way of life, we deeply regret that we will not be with you and your lovely family.

    We wish much happiness to you and your darling husband.

    May God bless your union!

    Marriage is a wonderful institution - I'd rather not be institutionalized!