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To translate 'good', dictionaries suggest several arabic words, like Tayyeb, jayyed, Hasan, SaaleH...
I know that there are slight differences in meaning (nuances) between one adjective and another,
but I am never sure as to which one is most suitable. How would you say in MSA e.g.
- a good child
- a good news
- a good school
- a good food
- a good teacher ?
Many thanks in advance for your help.
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    It's because English uses 'good' far too often. You could choose between حسن or طيب or جيد for these - and in fact, most dialects will have a word for 'good' that they use frequently - but it's better to be more specific and say:
    * ولد مؤدب
    * خبر سار
    * مدرسة جيدة
    * طعام طيب
    * مدرس جيد
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