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    A little help? Please?

    "Goodnight sweetheart,

    I am going to sleep now because I am very tired. I hope you are having sweet dreams.

    Kisses, your girlfriend"
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    Hi there Wildleopard. Welcome to the forum

    As the forum rules require, you must include your own try, with any questions you may have. Please have a look to make yourself familiar with the forum and the way we interact.

    Please keep in mind this is a language forum, we don't provide free homework or translations, rather explanations, suggestions... but you must always try first. Saludos, :)
  3. wildleopard New Member

    umm the only this i know is buonas noches carino??!? :S
  4. wildleopard New Member

    buenas* i mean...
  5. wildleopard New Member

    and Dulces sueños for sweet dreams...
  6. lforestier

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    Sleep = dormir
    tired = cansado
    dreams = sueños
    kisses = besos
    girlfriend = novia (if formally a couple), amiga (a female friend)

    Hope this helps you piece together your note.
  7. Totopi

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    "Buenas noches cariño:

    Ahora me voy a dormir porque estoy muy cansado. Espero que estés teniendo dulces sueños.

    Besos, tu novia (yo esta parte la omitiría o pondría mi nombre, suena un poco raro"

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