goofy grape [the Simpsons]

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  • pidora

    You ripped me off, see? - No, I didn't, see?
    00:12:38 You're gonna pay for what you done, see?
    00:12:42 I always thought I'd die of hepatitis, see?
    00:12:48 Rip Taylor? You're not even dead!
    00:12:51 Someone needs to check my apartment!
    00:13:00 Let's get him!
    00:13:01 Little sister, is that moustache coming or going?
    00:13:04 Well, your wife likes it.
    00:13:09 You're all right, goofy grape.


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    For what it's worth, Goofy Grape was one of the names of a kid's drink.

    From They Always Come Back: Pop America Resurrected:
    Pillsbury introduced Funny Face Drink Mix in 1964. It was a great kid’s choice and alternative to traditional carbonated soft drinks and fruit juices. It competed directly with Kool Aid which had been around since the 1930’s, and was the clear market leader.
    Funny Face, unlike Kool Aid, had a unique character for each flavor making it very appealing for advertising and promotions.

    You can find the various flavors, character names and years of production on Funny Face Packs. (Ignore the fact that "face packs" means something else; these were drinks packs.)
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