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    I've come in contact with this word before. What does it mean?​

    googolplex: "a number that is equal to 1 followed by a googol of zeros and expressed as

    googol: "a number that is equal to 1 followed by 100 zeros and expressed as 10100" [Origin: 1935–40; introduced by U.S. mathematician Edward Kasner (1878–1955), whose nine-year-old nephew allegedly invented it]

    Given that it's 100 zeros and a nine-year-old alledgedly invented it, I'm amazed that you've run into previous references to it! :)


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    No, I can't find it in anywhere either? I actually don't think the word exists? Maybe it's a slang?

    That should be :tick: Maybe it's a slang term? or :tick: Maybe it's a slang expression? or :tick: Maybe it's slang? but not :cross: Maybe it's a slang?

    I myself wouldn't really consider it slang, just a humorous usage formed in a regular way. Just as one might say, jokingly, I'm a thousandaire or I'm a ten-thousandairewords based upon such terms as millionaireso one could say, by way of humorous exaggeration, googolplexaire, from googolplex and -aire.

    Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary, 11th ed., has entries for two such exaggerated forms: gazillionaire and zillionaire, neither one labeled as slang.

    I've just done some further research, and it looks as if lexicographers don't all agree on the matter. The online Encarta dictionary labels zillionaire as informal (that is, colloquial but still not slang). However, in the case of bazillionaire, another such exaggerated term, it uses the label slang.

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    I remember seeing an episode of The Simpsons who went to a large cinema complex that was called The Googolplex indicating a huge number of individual theatres.
    Maybe this means nothing but it is another chance for me to give my vote for the only consistant Art to come out of my television.

    Perhaps a Googolplexair owns a Googolplex.



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    Perhaps a Googolplexair owns a Googolplex.
    Given the price of tickets, if I owned a googolplex I'd expect to be a mutigoogolionnaire-- and given my handicapping skills I'd parlay it all on a triple-crown trifecta pick, and become the world's first gigagoogolionnaire.