gore inside

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please help me with the colored sentence,
what does gore inside mean?
the thick blood that belongs to inside members of the body?
the blood which was inside the cell?
or something else?

" a group of elderly and infirm prisoners
who had chosen to bunk in D Block since the riot began happened to
walk by cell 3 where Bernard Schwartz was being held. These men,
shuffling slowly with their arthritis, were literally stopped in their
tracks by the gore inside
.18 According to one of them, “I saw a white
inmate lying or lied with another inmate on top, half on top of the
other man, both covered with blood, the man on the bottom didn’t
seem to be breathing, the man on the top was breathing like he was
gasping for breath.........""

resource : BLOOD IN THE WATER by Heather Ann Thompson)
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