Gore off the hook after row over rare fish dinner

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Gore off the hook after row over rare fish dinner
Il pezzo comincia cosi',

Al Gore, the world's most high profile green compaigner was at the centre of an embarassing row yesterday after the serving of a rare fish at his daughter's Beverly Hill's wedding.

Quale miglior significato possiamo attribuire all'equivalente titolo in italino?
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    Gore si leva dagli impicci dopo una lite per una cena a base di pesce crudo.
    Mostly OK except that the nice Mr Gore was eating a rare fish not raw fish (sushi).
    You were misled by the frequent use of rare as in "I prefer my steak rare" to mean very underdone (saignant in French cuisine). The point is that the fish is on the verge of extinction, and by eating it dear old Al unwittingly compromised himself in regard to his ecological campaign:
    However, it was fortunately a false alarm.
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