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CNN - The Cold War Part 1“Comrades”

Did Stalin want to push on to the Atlantic?Lenin, his predecessor, once hoped the Russian revolution would lead on to communist world revolution.It was then, after the first World War, in a clash of ideologies, communist and capitalist, that the Cold War had its origins.
In 1919, President Woodrow Wilson took ship to the European Peace Conference with his gospel for a better world - safe for small nations, sound for business.

Can you explain what does 'gospel for' mean? I searched the meanings of 'gospel' but I couldn't find an appropriate meaning.
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    "Gospel" in this example means "a doctrine that Wilson believed everybody should follow if they wanted to live in a better world."

    It is an extension of "gospel" as that word is used in the bible. Many Christians believe that the stories offered in the bible are the absolute truth about God's will and God's relationship with humans.
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