gospel genre is solvent

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As George Porter Jr. points out, contemporary gospel genre is remarkably solvent:? Evangelical churches sell records more than any performer in the state [of Louisiana], "he said. As the modern country music, another kind able to stay healthy enough while the record industry collapses, the gospel has kept ties with its demographic base while adapting his style to pop.
a comment from web site snohomishbasketball.org

Could you tell, what is meant by solvent in this context? As I understand it could mean something like "profitable", "commercial", "profit-making"... Is that really what it means? In dictionaries "solvent" goes with a slightly different meaning...
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    It's this one:
    capable of meeting financial obligations
    In other words, gospel music tends to earn more money than it spends. That being said, it's not a very well-written extract.
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