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Susan Su

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Hello friend,

I want to use "Gospel Quotes" to replace the section name “Images” of my site because my images are about the gospel, but I worry that when people see "Gospel quotes", they won't know there are images. So what do you think about "Gospel Quotes"? Should I use "Gospel Quote Images" or "Gospel Images"?

Hope you can help me. Thank you.
  • Ponyprof

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    Canadian English
    Quotes will communicate that these are text excerpts from the Bible.

    It sounds like your website is offering Bible illustrations or Gospel illustrations.

    These were often handed out as prizes to children in 19th century Sunday School and at that point were usually referred to as "Bible pictures."


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    USA - English
    Then don't use the term "gospel", which will mislead people from certain Christian backgrounds. You might try something else, such as "Images with Bible verses", or "Images with Scripture."
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