1. cacahuatita Senior Member

    norte de México
    español (MX) / English (US)
    que equivaldria a "sacar los trapos sucios de alguien" (significa decir algo que sabes de alguien y que hara daño a ese alguien de quien hablas) es algo asi como chismear pero "gossip" es como k exagerar las cosas, en este caso no exgeras pero si dices algo con mala intencion
  2. Metztli

    Metztli Senior Member

    The Purgatory
    Mexico Spanish / English
    No, cacahuatita... (me ataca de risa tu nick) no siempre gossip es exagerar o mentir... es 'chismear' sea cierto o no.

    Podrías usarlo. También "dirty wash" o "bad-mouth" se usan.
  3. jinti

    jinti Senior Member

    To air one's/his/her/etc. dirty laundry (in public) quiere decir contar cosas escandalosas. También se dice to let the/his/her/etc. skeletons out of the closet cuando se trata de un secreto vergonzoso.
  4. mack0174 New Member

    USA, English
    "To air one's dirty laundry in public" = This usually is something that somebody does to himself, not to another person. For example, "She aired her dirty laundry in public on the Cristina show."

    A better translation for your purposes might be, simply, "She revealed her friends secrets..."
  5. Metztli

    Metztli Senior Member

    The Purgatory
    Mexico Spanish / English
    Tienes razón mack0174... sugerí mal 'dirty laundry'. Eso se utiliza cuando es uno mismo.

    Coincido con "revealed her friends secrets"... hasta ahorita creo q' es la mejor opción.
  6. jinti

    jinti Senior Member

    Often, but not always. :) Some examples from our friend, Google, of people airing other people's dirty laundry:

    They were incensed that I would air my dirty laundry in such a fashion -- that I would air their dirty laundry without consulting them. ...

    If you have a problem with your schedule, take it up with your manager, don't air his dirty laundry to his superiors.

    But he does know, as do we all, that my boss’s transgressions are numerous and flagrant....There are some key people ready to air his dirty laundry.

    I certainly don't want to make light of her life by trying to air her
    dirty laundry after her death....

    So that's fine, if she wants to work that way, I will air her dirty laundry in my journal, the most public of forums, before I talk to her about it...

    Also, the phrase captures the image of the Spanish phrase.
  7. mack0174 New Member

    USA, English
    I stand corrected on airing dirty laundry; Jinti's examples are convincing and, yes, they retain the flavor of the original. Go with the dirty laundry!


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