"gosto muito de voce"

Discussion in 'Português (Portuguese)' started by leiane, Dec 11, 2012.

  1. leiane New Member

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    I started a thread few weeks ago about a word used by a special friend.. and again, this phrase was said by the same person several times to me already, and my understanding was this person was being very nice to me to tell me that, (I like you very much) and I usually say it back with "tambem". But whenever I try to use Google to translate this phrase, it translates as "I love you" - which I am sure that it's not the exact meaning (I know Eu te amo, and Eu amo vc).. can anyone please explain if this phrase are commonly said between friends or is it implementing something more to than being friends? I mean, if you were to tell your friends will you say the same exact phrase? and/or if you will tell someone that you really like to be with (relationship/intimate), will you say the same phrase?
  2. artefacto_ Member

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    Prima facie, "gosto muito de você" (or "de ti", used esp. in Portugal) means "I like you very much". It's a somewhat weaker statement than "adoro-te" or "amo-te" and it's not inappropriate for close friends to say it to each other. Of course, the message that such a statement is *actually* trying to convey depends on the context -- depending on the situation, it can be a strategically ambiguous (plausibly deniable) statement expressing interest in escalating the relationship.
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  3. diego-rj

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    Well, it doesn't mean "I love you", but if your friend keeps saying that (s)he likes you a lot, maybe (s)he has feelings for you :p
  4. leiane New Member

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    diego, I love your reply and I really do hope so haha. this same person is also saying "te adoro muito" to me and I thought it is the same as gosto muito de vc. so I'm really wonderiing if that's something you would actually say to your friends?
  5. Guigo

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    "Eu te adoro" depending on the context and the situation may mean "I love you" or "I like you too much".

    Kids say "eu te adoro" to their mothers, pious persons say it to a deity and... people in love say it to each other.
  6. leiane New Member

    Filipino, English
    Hi Guigo! Thanks for replying.. but are "gosto muito de vc" and "te adoro muito" somethings that friends would normally/always say to each other? Like, would you say that to your friend (several times /a lot / always) and not meant that you like them more than friends? or would you only say that several times only if you really like someone but don't have the courage to say it directly?
  7. Guigo

    Guigo Senior Member

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    When a friend keeps repeating 'eu te adoro' I'd interpret it 2 ways:
    1) he/she loves you;
    2) he/she believes you are a deity.

  8. leiane New Member

    Filipino, English
    Thank you! I think I got the answers that I'm looking for now :)

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