got away lightly


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According to the fiction One Thousands Suns, during the last days of WWII, a German crew undertook a secret mission in a stolen B-17. Here, they just experienced a fierce fight with some Spitfires. Does "got away" mean to faint away or to be dead?

It had been perforated with hundreds of ragged holes. Several small fires were burning on the wooden-panelled floor, fuel that had made its way inside from the exploding Spitfire. Stef was sitting on the floor, both hands clasped tightly around one of his legs, holding it desperately, as if at any moment it might get up on its own and run away. His trouser leg was black and wet with blood. Considering the mess there, the lad looked like he’d got away lightly.
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    To get away is to escape a situation. I think it actually means that his wounds were less serious than you'd expect after such an incident.


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    Mess refers to the way his plane (or whatever) looked like. Considering the mess there - if you take into account all that's happened (bullet holes, fires, etc.)
    he got away lightly - he was badly injured, yes. But not as bad as he could have been, considering the circumstances.

    Of course, this is only my interpretation. Others may disagree :p
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