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I was chatting with a friend. When we chatted, I sent a song to her and asked her to have a listen. I first heard the song when I was playing an online game called "The Audition". At that time, I liked that game very much and I played it every day. I wonder if I can say:

I got hook to an online game.

Thanks a lot
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    No, I just meant that's how to remember it's "on". You are hooked on something just like a fish is caught on a hook.


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    Hooked (on) means addicted to or engrossed in. The preposition, when used, is on.

    The man is hooked on cocaine.
    Young people are often hooked on computer games.
    I played my first game of mahjong, and I was immediately hooked!

    An of course you can get hooked on or become hooked on something.
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