got it on his sleeve

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Hi guys
Could you help me understand "on his sleeve" in this rap song ?
The song is by ASAP ROCKY, a rap group. I found this explanation for I am trying to understand: "ASAP is that Rockys crew, his boy Stevie (ASAP Yams) has it tatted on his arm" but I don t know what "tatted" means either
Thanks a lot

[Verse 2]
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A.S.A.P., Stevie got it on his sleeve
But I got it on my chest, my nigga this is what I breath
Inhale, exhale, cocaine, X pills
Import, export, Harlem catching wrecks still ....

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  • morior_invictus

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    completely agree with heypresto - it means that "Stevie got it (tattooed) on his arm" ("sleeve" means in slang a tattoo that covers much or all of a person's arm).
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