Got it?

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Got it?
Do you use "Got it?" as the meaning of "Do you understand?"?

If so, I think "Get it?" can be used likewise.

Then which is more common between "Got it?"and "Get it?"?
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    I think they're equally idiomatic.

    Note that "get it" is almost exclusively used for "do you understand," while "got it" can be used to ask "did you understand," "did you hear it/me," or "did you write everything down."

    Both are informal or more suited to dialog or to less formal writing. They are widely recognized.


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    Got it and Get it both is used to mean do you understand? The person who asks, do you understand? can use both of them but more often they use get it. And the person who understood could use only 'got it' to answer.


    If you mean one cannot answer "get it?" with "get it", I'm afraid you're wrong. I've seen and heard it used by native speakers. "(Do you) get it?" - "(Yes, I) get it." Pretty natural, I think.
    You also mean, I guess, that "Got it?" may imply "did you write everything down?" Then, can it mean "have you done everything?" as well? A more general meaning?


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    I would think I would reply to "did you get it?" with "yes, I got it it" whether referring to an object or a question. If asked "have you got it?" I would be asked about having a particular object, such as a book or a job, or perhaps understanding an explanation.
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