got knocked around in the move

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In the kitchen, the next morning after moving in, the wife tells the husband pointing at the clock:
WIFE: This clock stopped at 3:07, and so did the one in the hallway.
HUSBAND: That's weird. [taking it] Maybe it got knocked around in the move.
The Conjuring, movie

Is it this meaning of "knock around" (from a dictionary): "to hit someone a lot" ?

And does "in the move" means "while me were moving in here"?

Thank you.
  • Hildy1

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    It can refer to an inanimate object as well as to a person.

    It often happens that objects (furniture, dishes, etc.) are damaged by rough handling during transport. That's the idea here.

    Added: The Newt beat me to it, and provided a good synonym.
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