Got my licks in

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In the movie "Young Ones", after having a fight with the character named Caleb, a character named Holm has a conversation with Flem:

Flem: I know que knife. He'd never sell it.

Holm: Came off Caleb in the scuffle.
I got my licks in.

Flem: No doubt.

In this context what does "I got my licks in" mean?
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    Hello brucew91.

    Welcome to the forum. :)

    "Get licks in"
    means what it means in the sentence discussed here: "get in a few good licks".

    lick means 'hit or blow'. To "get your licks in" means to succeed in hitting your opponent. It doesn't necessarily mean you won the fight. It simply means that your opponent did not escape without being injured. Someone who loses may still say that he 'got his licks in.'

    Holm succeeded in hitting Colm during the fight.
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