got off to a bit of a start

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I was reading a web page I like to visit and one of the owners said:

"Many of our friends have asked for video, and we’ve finally gotten off to a bit of a start. Recently we got together and recorded a series of feedback examples that we’ll be releasing soon.

What does "gotten off to a bit of a start" mean?

Thank you very much!
  • bibliolept

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    It means that they've started it, although on a modest scale.

    This meaning of "got off" is most often seen in phrases like "got off to a rough start." I suppose "off" might have a similar meaning to that in phrases like "they're off and running" or "I'm off to the store."


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    To get off to a start basically means that he has started off whatever venture he was planning.
    A bit of a start, in this case, would mean that he started off with a few videos.
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