got your face kicked off

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Agent Archer is exercising, when he has a small squabble with his partner. (1) (1).mkv_20170902_155320.202.jpg click
PARTNER: Well, maybe I never get promoted..
ARCHER: And never will.
PARTNER: ...because my mommy's not the boss!
ARCHER: And maybe you just got your face kicked off! That is my foot in your face! Smell the embarrassment!
Archer, TV series

Could you explain to me what "kick off" means here? Why is it not just "kicked"?
Thank you.
  • Trochfa

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    English - England
    He could have used "kicked", which would just mean that he had kicked the other man's face.

    Using "kicked off" or "kicked in" indicates metaphorically exactly what damage that kick will do, or has done.

    In this type of context, "kicked off" means that the kick/s will be strong enough to take your face off. "Kicked in" would mean the kick/s would be strong enough to push the man's face back into his skull.

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