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Well, this one is quite tricky. See what Grimm writes:
FEDER, f. penna, kommt bei ULFILAS nicht vor, man darf aber fibra erwarten;
FEATHER, ... does not appear in ULFILAS', yet one might expect fibra

To be honest, I would have expected fidra, if I regard all the other Germanic words:

Old English: feðer
Old Norse: fjöðr
Swedish: fjäder
Danish: fjeder
Middle Dutch: vedere
New Dutch: veder
New High German: Feder
Old High German: dara
Middle High German: dere
Old Saxon: thara

And Ancient Greek πτερον < πετερον (peteron) is of the same root.

Could Grimm be wrong? Could it be a typo in the database? Any other suggestions?

Thanks in advance. :)
  • Lugubert

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    I second. Fibres are different.

    Now that I'm writing, I'd like to mention that Latin penna is borrowed into Swedish: A fjäderpenna is a pen/pencil made of a feather (vingpenna; ving = wing). So we long ago borrowed the word feather, and still us it for writing implements in general.
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