Gourmandise assurée


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I'm searching for a translation that captures the meaning of this wonderful expression in isolation. It will appear on a business card, so very little context is available, but it is part of a catchline for a seafood and grilled specialties restaurant. The full text is: Jetez-y l'ancre... Gourmandise assurée!

So "Indulgence guaranteed" is not going to work (what kind of indulgence?).
I can't go folksy, like "Good eats/eating guaranteed", because it isn't that kind of restaurant.
What about simply, "Dining enjoyment/pleasure guaranteed" or "Pure dining enjoyment/pleasure".

I may be in the process of answering my own question here, but all input is welcome. I feel as if I'm missing something that is on the tip of my tongue.

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    De vos idées, j'aime « pure dining pleasure » le plus. Il a une allitération agréable.

    Peut-être « Delight in dining », qui a un sous-entendu : « You there, take delight by dining! » et « Our dining is delightful » (dans la veine de « excellence in research » etc).
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