governance/economic infrastructure mean??

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I used to study from class that the word infrastructure is about roads, bridges, water system etc.. But I also notices people speak governance infrastructure and economic infrastructure.. I check my dictionaries.. they still explain roads, bridges,... so I think people speak about it by comparing it to road, bridges.. that help governance and national economy? or are they refer to some special meaning?

Thnak you.
  • owlman5

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    A "governance infrastructure" is an infrastructure that helps people govern. An "economic infrastructure" is an infrastructure that benefits the economy and helps people to trade goods and services efficiently. I think in both cases the terms refer to basic communications and transportation improvements that help people govern and trade.


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    "the basic structure or features of a system or organization"

    The dictionaries will use that example (bridges etc) as a common one but the WordReference dictionary meaning #2 (above) shows the more general meaning (infra is a prefix meaning "below") so these are the "basic structures" of systems of governance or economy.
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