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Governance is apparently an old word, although it has become far more widespread recently.
I wonder if you have come across it in contexts that are neither political or contemporary?
What did it mean then?
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    "Governance" is in common use in the context of information systems management. It basically comes down to who has the right to make what decisions about information systems in a company. There's even a whole book on it, IT Governance by Weill and Ross (Harvard Business School Press, 2004), and a professional organization devoted to it (the IT Governance Institute).

    (That's not political, though it is contemporary. I know it doesn't meet your combined criteria, but I thought I'd mention it in case it contributes anything.)


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    Governance seems to have been overtaken or replaced in many instances by "management" (as in "control/regulation by managers.") It has a more 'noble' and conservative nuance to it.
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