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    Sorry, but the International Meteorological Dictionary by the World Meteorological Organization doesn't agree with you:
    • Grésil = Small hail
    • Sleet (British meaning) = Giboulée
    • Sleet (US meaning i.e. ice pellets) = Granules de glace


    Grésil is, however, already in the EN-FR dictionary as a translation for the American definition of sleet, but it's not currently in the dictionary for FR-EN, and this usage of "ice pellets" is accepted in Canada.

    It is a type of granule de glace produced in specific conditions. Cf. this from Météo-France. So it's not really clear what the "second kind" listed as "SHPL" or "SHGS" is.

    The dictionary also has neige fondue for sleet according to its British usage, which someone ought to check up on as well. Giboulée is in the dictionary as the sudden springtime shower which produces ice pellets.