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  1. chuck7234 New Member

    Who knows what "Gruenkern" is in English? Thanks!
  2. MaRiKaChAn Senior Member

    Ich würde es mit "unripe spelt grains" übersetzen.
    Ist ja eigentlich eine reine Vokabelfrage, hast du dazu nichts im Wörterbuch gefunden?
  3. chuck7234 New Member

    Danke und nein, mein Wörterbuch ist dafür wohl nicht speziell genug. :(
  4. Grünkern is artificially dried unripe Dinkel or spelt.
    Wikipedia reports under "spelt":

    In Germany, the unripe spelt grains are dried and eaten as Grünkern, which literally means "green grain".

    There does not seem to be an english word for it as it is a German specialty hardly known elsewhere.
  5. Hutschi

    Hutschi Senior Member

    I think that "unripe" is correct but psychologically misleading.

    Can it be translated as "green spelt grains"?
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  6. Cpt.Eureka Senior Member

    Found this:

    Quelle - Look for the entry for 17.07.2010
  7. chuck7234 New Member

    Thanks everybody, I believe I can find "spelt" here (USA), not sure they put "green" in front of it.
  8. Cpt.Eureka Senior Member

    Maybe it's better to use the German word. You can explain it in brackets or in a footnote.

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