"grab a drink tonight"

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  1. krazi1992 New Member

    American English
    I'm trying to write in not-super-formal language about asking a friend to go to the bar. In English, I want to ask "want to grab a drink tonight?" What I have seems awfully formal and not exactly the right nuance (but I don't really know).

    אתה רוצה לשתות בירות הלילה?

  2. origumi Senior Member

    Very informal:

    בראש שלך להרביץ כמה דרינקים הלילה?
  3. ystab Senior Member

    I'd say to my friends: בא לך לשבת על בירה? (lit. Wanna sit over a beer?) or בא לך לשבת/לצאת לשתות משהו? (Wanna go out and drink something?) or maybe simply בא לך לצאת לבירה? (Wanna go out for a beer?).
  4. arielipi Senior Member

    ystab - lit. means literally which means literal translation - meaning 1:1 word translation, so its not a lit. one there.
  5. macforever Senior Member

    I might be wrong but what you say seems slightly different from want to grab a drink tonight?
  6. ystab Senior Member

    I know. Basically, anyone of these phrases can translate as "want to grab a drink tonight," depending on the level of fidelity, but I wanted to supply a more accurate translation for wach of my suggestions, and that is why I used lit.

    Post edit: macforever, this is what I would say to my friends, as a native speaker. Again, the level of fidelity varies, but in translation, it is more important for it to sound natural in the destination language.
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