Grace (name)

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    Oh, I see what you mean. Either of them will do.
    The difference is not that much as long as you're sure that there's only one version existing in the whole context.
    丝 mean silk, silky.
    思 mean thought, think, have in mind, etc (could be n. and v.).
    So you may pick either of them according to the real character of the woman if you're composing some masterpieces.

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    both are right. you could also say 格/戈..里/丽/蕾/磊/..思/斯/丝/司..I think there could be different versions. pick the one you like:)
    oh..for your infomation, 戈is one of the family name in China, so if you may like to start it as like a real Chinese name, you may say, 我叫戈丽思


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    My suggestion is 葛睿思 ge3 rui4 si1. The pronunciation is quite close to English. The second syllable rui4 is closer to the English sound than the usual transliteration as lei2 or li4.

    葛 is a common family name. 睿思 means smart.
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