Can 'grace' be also an adjective?
MR x brings to her friend's daughter a a soft toy lamb and says: Grace, eh?
and the friend answers 'Tha's right, that's lovely, she'll love it, she is sleeping, but she' due to wake up soon.'
MR X: 'Grace. Imagine'.
Friend. 'Grace Sarah after my mum'.

So Grace is also the name of the daughter. Is there any wordplay I can't get? The first Grace is referred to the lamb, isn't it?
  • cycloneviv

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    I don't think the first Grace is referring to the lamb. I think Mr X is just saying "(The child's name is) Grace, eh?"

    The friend answers "That's right (her name is grace), that (the lamb) is lovely" etc.

    I could be wrong, but that's definitely the impression I get from reading the dialogue.


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    I think there must be some significance to him in the name Grace. This makes him repeat it in this way.

    Of course, without knowing more about the context, I'm making a bit of a guess, but that is how I would interpret it.
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