Gracias, ya te puedes retirar


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Hola,Tengo que traducir al inglés la frase "Gracias, ya te puedes retirar" que es lo que le dice una señora a su sirvienta para comunicarle que no la necesita más en este momento.Gracias.
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    While I probably wouldn't use "dismissed" in this case, I don't think it's rude or for the military.
    Teachers dismiss students from class at the end of the period, or a school principal might dismiss a student from her office after talking to him. It just means, 'you can leave', as in 'I'm in charge and I give you permission to leave.'
    I like "That will be all."


    "That will be all, thanks" or a variation is the best choice. A teacher might tell a group of students that they are dismissed, yes, but that's a narrow use of the word. Telling an individual that s/he is dismissed, other than in a military context, would be rude.
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