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Hello :),
I am translating a C.V. for a French fireman. The problem is that his rank does not translate easily into English and I don't know what the equivalent is. What does a firefighter do who is of "grade caporal"? Is this the lowest grade for a firefighter in France? (In which case the translation would be "firefighter" in English. Thanks to anyone who can help!

Here are the English firefighter ranks (the titles on the right are new titles which replace the ones on the left):
  • Firefighter
Senior Officers
  • Assistant Divisional Officer = Station Manager
  • Divisional Officer = Group Manager
  • Senior Divisional Officer = Area Manager
  • Assistant Chief Officer = Assistant Commissioner
  • Deputy Chief Officer = Deputy Commissioner
  • Chief Officer = Commissioner
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    Après un an de service effectif, le sapeur-pompier professionnel de 2e classe peut être nommé sapeur de 1e classe. Après deux ans de service, le sapeur-pompier de 1e classe peut être nommé caporal. Après cinq années au grade caporal, il peut être nommé sergent. Les pompiers sous-officiers peuvent devenir caporal puis adjudant. Les officiers ont la possibilité de devenir lieutenant et colonel.

    Hope it helps!
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