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Hello fellow linguists!

I am translating a document dealing with Additives Unloading systems and I have been struggling with the term "grade of relief"
The context is as follows:

It has to be highlighted that in respect to the original protocol, some systems have been tailored to the specific proprietary Vendor Technology, in particular:
Selected technology for Additives Unloading systems, foresee a no-dust technology. Grade of relief, therefore has to be considered as secondary. The vendor has confirmed that, in case big bag are used, bag is enclosed in a special valve before opening thus avoiding dust release.

What does the author mean by relief? Is something along the line of reducing stress/strain etc. or does it refer to the plasticity of the surface?

I wish I could give you more context but this is is all I have.

Any help will be greatly appreciated!
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    I'm so sorry, I have no idea what this means, not even a guess. I'm afraid I think it would be miraculous if someone in this forum knew what this meant in your very specific context. they would need to understand this technology to have a hope of understanding it.

    Never despair, I suppose, but I sympathise with you trying to translate this.


    Haha thank you for your kind words, Chez. :D Yeah I suppose that it would probably take a bilingual subject matter specialist to crack this one. :D
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