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I have a short talk below:

"Many people think this is the world’s finest showerhead, and we think you’ll agree. Don’t be fooled by its simple appearance. Used in 5-star hotels and top health spas, this showerhead delivers a consistent, efficient 2.5 gallons per minute, regardless of water pressure. It is adjustable from an invigorating needle spray to a full flood. The specially constructed plastic nozzles resist mineral build-up. It installs easily without special tools. It’s made in the USA and is available in chrome for $50 or brass for $70. For an additional $10, you can purchase a special mineral salt attachment contains a refillable water-softening mineral tablet which will give you health spa grade water each time you use it. Each tablet is good for at least 25 uses. "

In the bold words. I really don't understand "Grade water" meaning? Anyone help me !!!
  • sdgraham

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    It's spa-grade water, i.e. the kind of water found in spas, i.e. with minerals.

    That's what happens when writers ignore hyphens in compound adjectives.
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