grado elemental de Solfeo y Piano en el Conservatorio


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Hola,por favor: ¿cómo se traduce grado elemental de Solfeo y Piano en el Conservatorio?:
Basic course for Singing scales and Piano at the Conservatory?

Thanks in advance
  • No he escuchado de una clase de canto donde solamente enseñen a cantar "scales" -- leer las notas musicales y poder cantar una escala de notas relacionadas dentro de cierto rango. ¿Puedes darnos más información acerca de la clase, por favor?

    My definition of solfege is the same as yours, but it is a technique or a tool to be used in a class, not the title of a class. The class might be called Sight-Reading and Piano, or something like that.

    Hope it helps.
    I am translating a General certificate of a studento of the National Conservatory of Music and in the courses that he passed there were: "Solfeo I, II, III, IV teoría and dictado". Is it a good translation the following: "Sol-fa theory and dictation"?. It is the name of the course or should I explain what is it about?
    "Theory" simply.

    If it were not in the context of a Certificate from the National Conservatory of Music, I would specify it as Music Theory. The course would cover both "Solfeo theory" & dictation.
    Thanks for the additional information. Based on your explanation, perhaps "theory and dictation" would be understandable... but I wouldn't use "Sol-fa" (I've never heard that word before) but solfege.
    In school and in public exams in Ireland the technique you refer to was always given its Italian name - solfeggio, rather than solfège (French). We were using British text books... and as we have been saying, it was an element used in the theory class.
    Thanks both of you for your help, the translation of this certificate is for a schoolarship to study music in Korea, so I think I will use the French term for solfeo. Thanks a lot.