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¡Hola todos, gracias por su ayuda!

I am a graduate-level student clinician studying to be a speech pathologist. I am providing bilingual services, and am trying to nail down my email signature. In English, it says:

"CageyEm | Graduate Student Clinician
Clinic Name
Department Name
School Name"

How do I translate this?

¿Como les suena decir "Estudiante Post-graduada Clínica"?
  • AbogadoPeter

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    The problem is that the title has no inherent meaning in English (like "nurse practitioner") and so a direct Spanish translation will be even less meaningful.

    I've been in medicine for almost 40 years, and am not sure what you mean. Maybe you can start by explaining what a Graduate Student Clinician is? Oh, and why it's capitalized?


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    Would you lose any actual meaning by saying "Graduate Student, Speech Language Pathology?" It would be more straightforward to translate, and as AbogadoPeter points out, the title would be less confusing for patients and even other medical personnel. If I knew you were an SLP grad student based at a clinic, I could infer that you were doing student clinical time.


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    ¿Estudiante de postgrado cursando/realizando un practicum? ¿Estudiante de postgrado en prácticas?

    Aunque tienen razón Peter y Eric en que, tal cual, proporcionas muy poca información específica. Pero a modo de firma, y ya que proporcionas información adicional más abajo (nombre del centro en el que realizas las prácticas, departamento y nombre del centro educativo), tal vez "Estudiante de postgrado" podría funcionar bien en castellano ("graduate student") --añadiendo o no la adenda que anota Eric (estudiante de postgrado en trastornos del habla y del lenguaje).