Grammar: Benim araba vs Benim anne

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    Oh! One more question! (regarding my 'bonus question') Is there any rule for 'benim araba'?

    So, no 'benim baba', no 'benim anne'... but okay to 'benim araba'? I start feeling if it is a person in family, you can't do this trick, am I right?

    What about 'benim oğul', or 'benim kız'? Does it sound strange, as well?
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    Yeah, benim Araba is "okay".

    "Benim baba" and "benim anne" aren't possible. Neither are: Benim dede, benim anneanne etc. However, the slang word "peder", which is used for "baba" is ok, i.e. "Benim peder".

    "Benim kız" is also OK, but "benim oğul" still sounds unnatural to me, maybe because the word "oğul" in nominative is very rarely used nowadays. (We almost always just say: oğlum, oğlun etc, in possessive.)
    I guess most people would say "Benim oğlan" instead.

    Also at your disposal are the sayings: Benim kuzen, benim hala oğlu etc.

    By the way, let me remind you, you cannot use them in a formal language, especially when writing.
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    People widely use this manner when they want put a (emotional) gap between themselves and persons/objects under mention. It does't involve disrespect towards the person/object but slight independence from it. When it is said for a nonhuman; indicates sayers' unneediness towards the object. Like
    benim kayın peder = Father in law of me.
    benim işçi = Worker of me

    benim baba , benim anne, benim oğul and may be some others aren't so common because baba=father and anne=mother among Turkish People; contains great respect which can't be object of such insignificancy. Same may be said for word "oğul" which is equal to say "my lovely son".

    As a second "but"; those versions quite common instead of them:

    Benim peder= Peder of me (Please note that "peder" borrowed Persian word means "father" and is a "hollow" word in Turkish..

    Benim çocuk = Male child of me (Please note "çocuk" is a broad and emotionally "hollow" word in comparison with "oğul" whic means solely (beloved) "son".

    There is no alternative in that manner for "anne"=mother. She is still so precious to be object of suchlike "light" contexts.

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