[grammar]My boots were not comfortable for me.

Discussion in 'English Only' started by jjshin, Dec 21, 2008.

  1. jjshin Senior Member

    My boots made me uncomfortable.
    My boots were not comfortable for me.

    Which sentence is correct?

    Thanks in advance~
  2. Riverby

    Riverby Senior Member

    New Zealand
    NZ English
    The first sentence means that your boots made your feel socially uncomfortable, for example, because they were unfashionable.

    If the boots hurt your feet, you would probably say
    My boots were not comfortable.
  3. Joelline

    Joelline Senior Member

    USA (W. Pennsylvania)
    American English
    I agree with Riverby; however, I would add that you could also say, "My boots were uncomfortable."
  4. Forero Senior Member

    Houston, Texas, USA
    USA English
    To me, "My boots made me (feel) uncomfortable" can have either a literal or a figurative meaning, but the discomfort is more probably general than local.

    For the second sentence, I would say "My boots were not comfortable to me."

    Another possibility is "My boots were not comfortable enough for me."
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  5. El escoces Senior Member

    Buenos Aires
    English - UK
    It's almost inconceivable that your boots would make someone else uncomfortable, and therefore "for me" is superfluous.

    Therefore my vote goes to "My boots were not comfortable."
  6. sound shift

    sound shift Senior Member

    Derby (central England)
    English - England
    I like "My boots were not comfortable".

    As an alternative you could say "My boots made my feet ache" or "My boots hurt my feet".
  7. se16teddy

    se16teddy Senior Member

    London but from Yorkshire
    English - England
    Excellent alternatives, SoundShift. As a very very general rule, good English puts the sense into verbs, in preference to nouns or adjectives.
  8. meramli Senior Member

    Is it okey to use ''My boots are not comfortable for running''?
  9. se16teddy

    se16teddy Senior Member

    London but from Yorkshire
    English - England
    No boots are comfortable for running. That is not what they are designed for.

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