grammatical structure of "That's good that he has a job"

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He was just what she needed because he is such an honorable young man, and she is not comfortable with a fast moving physical type relationship. She just wasn't sure if she should "hang in there" and be persistent or let go, so giving him some space seemed to be the right thing. It's almost as if he doesn't think he has the right to be happy right now, does that make sense? All he does is work, and work. That's good that he has a job, but he hates it.

The above sentences are extracted from a letter of an Amercan friend. I could not understand the grammartical structure of "That's good that he has a job".
Could anyone help me out?
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    The first use of "that" works in the same way that "it" does, Thuhoai: That's good that he has a job = It's good that he has a job. They are both shorter ways of saying "It is a good thing that he has a job".

    Does this explanation help you any?


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    If you want the grammatical structure, think of the first that as a pronoun, standing for 'That he has a job'. In other words, 'That he has a job is good'.
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