grand pursuit

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Edward Nygma is encouraging Chase to introduce herself:
-- And you are?
-- Chase.
-- [kissing her hand] And what a grand pursuit you must be.
Batman Forever, movie

It's Nygma's party, and Chase is there with Bruce Wayne, a billionaire.
I understand it's a compliment, and a pun (Chase/pursuit). But what exactly did he mean by that? That she's pursuing men like Wayne, or, vice-versa, she's pursued by men? Or anything else? Thank you.
  • VicNicSor

    Thank you for the replies.
    But it works only because of the pun here. I mean, it is not idiomatic to call a desired woman 'pursuit'. And, generally, 'pursuit' is an activity, not a goal/aim/etc. Right?
    Right as far as the pun goes, yes. And no, you wouldn't use the term to refer to a woman.

    But I'd say a grand pursuit is an activity looking to achieve a lofty goal,:) so once again, meanings can overlap.

    "Ponce de Leon's grand pursuit of the mythical Fountain of Youth in the New World became legendary."

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