Grandpa had died of Black Cat addiction

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Hi, I'm reading Bernice Rubens's autobiography When I Grow Up. In it, she says in one passage "Grandpa had died of Black Cat addiction a year before the war, but he'd left a palpable presence in the house. His workshop remained untouched and his clothes still hung in the wardrobe."

What does the "Black Cat addiction" refer to?

Thank you!
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    'Black Cat addition' sounds very odd to me. Very. I have absolutely no idea what that means. I can't even find a hint via Google. I can assure you it's nothing common in English.


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    I expect it was addiction to Black Cat cigarettes, susanna. From the Wiki article on the Carreras Tobacco Company:
    The Black Cat cigarette was introduced in 1904 as one of the first machine-made cigarettes manufactured in Britain.
    During the early 1920s enthusiasm for the Black Cat was at a peak, with many people wearing badges and stickers featuring the cat and even going to fancy dress parties in black cat costumes. By now, coupon trading was fiercely competitive and the Black Cat gift catalogue offered gramophone records, gardening equipment, gentlemen's razors, automobile accessories and wirelesses.
    Does that fit the timescale?
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