grant vs. bursary

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  1. fer7 Senior Member

    Spanish - Spain
    Hello! Although I know both mean "beca", I have a doubt about these words. Does anyone know the difference between them?
    Thanks in advance.
  2. speedier

    speedier Senior Member

    Hi fer7

    As you can see from the synonym section of this site, grant, bursary and scholarship are synonyms:

    From the dictionary section of the same site you will find:

    1.Ecclesiastical. the treasury of a monastery.
    2.British. a college scholarship.


    noun1. any monetary aid 2. the act of providing a subsidy
    grant [graːnt] noun

    money given for a particular purpose
    Example: He was awarded a grant for studying abroad.

    Hope this helps. In many instances the words are interchangable.
  3. furrykef Senior Member

    English (United States)
    "Bursary" probably would not be understood in the US, or at least it wouldn't be understood as readily as "grant" would.
  4. speedier

    speedier Senior Member

    You don't hear it much in the UK either, at least not in the circles that I frequent. :D

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