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Dear colleagues,
may you help me with this sentence?

La produzione di grappoli per pianta
viene attentamente controllata in quanto ogni vite non
deve superare i 4 grappoli, questi vengono accuratamente
scelti dopo una radicale potatura e tramite una prima vendemmia
dove vengono selezionati i grappoli da portare a

My attempt (that I do not like at all :-( ..). Honestly speaking, I even do not like the Italian version as well.

The production of bunches of grapes is strictly controlled since a vine cannot produce more than 4 bunches. As a result these bunches are accurately chosen after a complete pruning and after a first harvest, so as to select the bunches to ripen.

Thank you very much
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  • andym

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    I think we'd say 'the number of bunches of grapes per plant is closely controlled'. 'Production' doesn't really work here - it isn't incorrect but sounds a little odd


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    My attempt:

    The number of bunches per plant is closely controlled as each vine should not produce more than 4 bunches. The bunches are carefully chosen after a complete pruning and a first harvest, during which the bunches that will be allowed to ripen are selected.

    I am not very confident about my translation either, but one thing I want to mention is that "accuratamente" should definitely be something like "carefully" here, rather than "accurately".
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